Where Caring Meets Scaling

In this episode with Jure Knehtl, CEO of WeScale:

✔️ How to know if you are ready to scale the business,

✔️ What changes when you start scaling,

✔️ The role of the company’s culture in talent retention,

✔️ Why being honest with your clients pays off,

✔️ How to onboard with care, and more!

Jure Knehtl

Jure Knehtl, the CEO of WeScale, is an expert in scaling e-commerce businesses in the EU. He had scaled 10 businesses from 4- to 7 digits by investing more than €42,500,000 on Facebook and Instagram ads. He holds a record of 20,000 products sold a day by winning the hearts and minds of customers with localization in Europe, influencer marketing, and UGC. Having started his first successful business at the age of 21, Jure understands and values all aspects of running a fast-growing e-commerce business and provides partnerships to selected founders in his WeScale eCommerce boutique agency.

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