Values-based Leadership

In this episode with Chris Robbins – CEO/CCO at Tele2 in Estonia:

✔️ What is values-based leadership, and what difference does it make,

✔️ Effective strategies to select values in any organization, and learn about your own,

✔️ Why customer service starts within the company,

✔️ How to implement values-based leadership practices in what you do, and more!

Chris Robbins

Chris Robins is the Chief Customer Officer (and CEO) of Tele2 in Estonia. Chris is a values-based leader with a passion for customers, brand and culture, with a particular focus on customer-centricity, communication, and psychology. Chris has lived and worked in 7 countries across North America and Europe, and has covered 13 countries in the scope of the roles of a CMO, CCO, CEO, and EIEIO.

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