Using Social Media for Good

In this episode with Zachery Dereniowski – Mental Health and Kindness Ambassador:

✔️The journey from the lowest point to making a global, positive impact,

✔️ Understanding what the youth struggle with today,

✔️ How to spread kindness and express care to bring joy and inspire,

✔️ Powerful examples of the best social media can offer,

✔️ How can we all start supporting strangers, and more!

Zachery Dereniowski

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, mental health activist Zachery Dereniowski found himself at a personal breaking point. With the hope of giving people a voice and the confidence that they are not alone in their struggles, Zach started sharing mental health content. Zachery started a movement that seeks to normalize conversations around mental health and well-being. Social media provided a platform to bring a global community together during COVID, a time when people are yearning for a way to connect, be authentic, and be vulnerable. Zachery hopes to inspire people through his simple but powerful formula: "Vulnerability = Relatability = Empowerment". As of today, over a million followers on Instagram and YouTube, and almost 7 million followers on TikTok, witness Zachery’s acts of kindness (find him as “MDMotivator”). Through his passion and sincerity, he powerfully inspires others to care as well and leave a positive impact on the people around them. Zachery has also appeared on various podcasts and News media outlets, including ABC News and Studio10 in Australia, spreading the message of care for mental health, and inspiration for more acts of kindness.

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