Using Heart Intelligence to Lead with Care

In this episode, Stoyan Yankov, Co-Founder of The Leaders Who Care and Productivity Coach, welcomes on the podcast Mindie Kniss – Founder & CEO of Lucra®, Heart intelligence researcher, Author, Speaker & Podcaster.

Tune in and:

✔️ Hear a very candid conversation about the struggles after the loss of a close family member, facing tough business decisions and coming out of it stronger,

✔️ Learn about how can we lead with care, especially during tough times,

✔️ Discover how can you level-up your self-care game,

✔️ Find out how to overcome fear and spread the care culture using the power of heart intelligence,

and so much more!

Mindie Kniss

Mindie Kniss, MFA, Ph.D., is a writer, award-winning humanitarian, international speaker, and professional coach. She left a cushy Fortune100 career for the adventure of entrepreneurship, but the "adventure" nearly ended soon after she started her business in 2007. Mindie hit rock bottom financially and was living out of her office after facing eviction, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. Fast forward to today, Mindie is the Founder & CEO of Lucra®, a coaching practice devoted to helping entrepreneurs create wealth in all areas of life. She is the creator of the annual HeartPath retreat, along with multiple online training programs for entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers. Also, Mindie Kniss is the host of The Lucrative Society, a podcast that debuted in the Top20 Entrepreneurship podcasts on iTunes, and she is also the author of the bestselling book The Heart of Consciousness. Her second book will be available in early 2021.

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