The Role of Care in Business

In this episode with Kotryna Kurt – Founder and CEO of Linkedist:

✔️ Why should caring leaders build a strong online presence,

✔️ The latest trends and happenings around #care on LinkedIn,

✔️ What to share on social media as a leader (and you should!)

✔️ The importance of reducing transactional relationships,

✔️ How to practice caring leadership in your everyday life, and more!

Kotryna Kurt

Kotryna Kurt is the founder of a consulting company called Linkedist, a company that built LinkedIn strategies for companies such Lego, Danfoss, Visma, Nordic Secondary Fund, and many others. She is also an active contributor and a thought leader on LinkedIn, where she talks about entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, and marketing. In addition, Kotryna has delivered +300 company and public workshops over the last five years and helped various European accelerators educate their startups about marketing and sales. Within the previous years, she has shared her knowledge at the events like TechBBQ, Login, Growth Marketing Conference San Francisco, Startup Wise Guys Accelerators, Sales Formula, and more.

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