The Journey to Your Best Self

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Danielle Brown

Danielle Brown is a 5-time World Champion and 2-time Paralympic Gold medallist, winning gold in Beijing 2008 and retaining her title on home soil in London 2012. Danielle also became the first disabled person to represent England as an able-bodied competitor at the Commonwealth Games, where she won gold! Now, Danielle works as a keynote speaker, trainer, and coach. She is on a mission is to inspire and empower people to unlock their potential, overcome adversity and achieve more. She also works with organizations to develop inclusive leadership with lasting momentum. This helps you to create a more inclusive environment, stronger team performances, and growth pathways for untapped talent. Backed by comprehensive research and delivery experience of working with over 30,000 people, Danielle uses a gold medal-winning formula that looks at barriers to success - and more importantly - what we can do about them. Through her training programs and mentoring organizations, she helps to create a culture that values individual differences and a better working environment.

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