The Future of Talent Attraction

In this episode, Marian M.P. Temelkov, Global CEO at Dynamis Group, welcomes to the podcast Yasar Ahmad and Thomas Klein from HelloFresh!

Tune in and discover:

✔️ The leading global trends in recruiting,

✔️ What to focus on when hiring top-talent,

✔️ What people need the most when working through a pandemic,

✔️ How to create better employee engagement,

✔️ Maximizing productivity with Health Metrics instead of KPIs,

✔️ How to lead a hybrid work model team,

✔️ How should recruiters approach self-care and wellness,

✔️ Working for several companies at once: a trend or shift?

✔️ Proven tactics to secure deep work daily, and certainly more!

Yasar Ahmad & Thomas Klein

Yasar Ahmad is the Global Vice President of Talent at HelloFresh. He is an accomplished people leader with experience in various HR roles, with a passion for Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Inclusion and Diversity, learning and development, and employer's branding. Yasar is also a member of the RL100 and a committed speaker on industrial challenges and creating human-shaped experiences, with his team winning the 2019 HRD Award for Diversity & Inclusion and the 2018 Award for Innovative Recruitment and On-boarding. Thomas Klein is the Global Head of International Talent Acquisition at HelloFresh. The company’s People team works to attract and retain the best talent for HelloFresh by providing the best-in-class employee experience at all stages of the employee lifecycle. Welcoming talented and motivated employees from around the globe, the People team plays an active role in ensuring they have a good start, but stay and grow with the company, with employee satisfaction and well-being at the core of what they do. Managing the workplace in a way that employees are happy, motivated, and productive is as important to the company as having an open ear for their employees. About the company: HelloFresh is the global meal kit sector leader, operating in 14 markets across 3 continents, and with thousands of employees working to deliver over 21 million meals a month. The meal kits include easy-to-follow full recipes made from fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients and not only take the hassle out of making dinner, but change the way people eat - forever.

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