The Culture of Giving

Tune in and learn:

✔️ What makes Japanese companies the most sustainable in the world,

✔️ Reevaluating consumerism lifestyle and focusing on giving vs taking,

✔️ Why “thinking small” can create a much bigger impact,

✔️ How to build a team of truly caring people,

✔️ Practical steps to create a giving culture in any business, and so much more!

Masami Sato

Masami was born in Japan but her desire to expand her horizons took her on a global journey. She became deeply concerned about the inequalities and other challenges that existed in the world. Since then, she has endeavoured to create real WIN-WIN connections across all cultures, people and organisations to realise a different world. She has been a serial entrepreneur since 2001, starting and running several commercial enterprises, all aiming to transform the way businesses are operated today. And by taking a completely new look at the power of giving, she founded B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) in 2007. Masami’s approach to life is very different. She brings a new, almost upside-down strategy to everything she does. And she also radiates it through her writing and speaking. She has authored four books including, ‘JOY - The gift of acceptance, trust and love’, ‘GIVING BUSINESS – Creating the maximum impact in the meaning-driven world’ and ‘Better Business, Better Life, Better World’. Masami’s career has followed her diverse talent and skills having been a teacher, translator, natural food chef (and a farmer!), author and award-winning entrepreneur as well as a mother of two teenage children. She is a two-time TEDx speaker and frequently invited to international events, podcasts and interviews.

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