The Age of Conscious Leadership

Tune in and learn:

✔️ How to nurture one’s creative spirit throughout life,

✔️ Why giving the power to the next generations is our duty,

✔️ The true value of embracing all experiences and failures,

✔️ How care, forgiveness, and bravery to act will enrich your life, and so much more!
Jamshid’s multifaceted nature makes him unique as a disruptor, a transformational strategist, a development expert, and a creative entrepreneur. A born communicator, Jamshid’s rare ability to bring different people together led him to his current project at Neural Jam: combining technology and creativity and apply them to innovation, entrepreneurship, and problem-solving projects.

Jamshid Alamuti

His track record is wide and diversified, namely in Arts, Business, educational and personal development. He has been challenging established ideas and connecting people from different backgrounds under common goals all over the world for the past 20 years. About Neural Jam: It is an intentionally designed ecosystem to spearhead the deconstruction of the status quo in order to transform members for the better. "A group of people connected by a shared purpose larger than themselves, are unstoppable. We believe this is greatness we can achieve: To spread and grow curiosity and openness as a united source to reach a critical mass and enable impactful thought and action."

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