Negotiating with Care

In this episode with Prof. Dr. Remi Smolinski, Innovation and Negotiation Professor and Advisor:

✔️ The building blocks of any successful negotiation,

✔️ What unites successful negotiators and caring leaders,

✔️ Why workers should not be treated as “human resources”,

✔️ How to be better prepared to negotiate with care, and much more!

Remi Smolinski

Prof. Dr. Remi Smolinski is the Founder of The Negotiation Center, Innovation and Negotiation Professor and Advisor, Senior Vice President at Axel Springer GmbH, and an Honorary Professor at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. His core passions are theory and practice of negotiation and innovation. In 2005, he taught his first negotiation course at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Since then, teaching negotiation has become an important part of his life and his contribution to making this world a better place. In academia, teaching comes hand in hand with research, and it is something Remi enjoys as well. Discovering the unknown, blazing new paths, and continuously identifying and trying to solve new intellectual puzzles has always been a very appealing part of his academic experience and resulted in numerous publications. Although Remi does not actively advertise it, occasionally his former students, or organizations he is associated with, ask him to share his passion also with their colleagues. Remi enjoys training managers and executives and advising them on various issues in their complex negotiations. "Our seminars generate tangible monetary value and offer an opportunity for the participants to get to know the newest research insights and learn how to apply them in their negotiations," says Remi.

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