Making the Difference Has Nothing to Do With Your Background

In this episode, our host Marian M.P. Temelkov, Global CEO at Dynamis Group, is welcoming on the podcast Arun Adhikary, a global executive in the FMCG/CPG industry for over 13 years.

Arun Adhikary

Born in Nepal, Arun has held multiple leadership positions with Carlsberg A/S throughout Asia, the USA, and Mexico. He is the former President of Carlsberg USA and Managing Director of Gorkha Brewery - a Carlsberg A/S entity in Nepal. Currently, he is based in the USA, but over the lifetime Arun has lived in Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, India, and Nepal. Arun is fascinated by the breadth and depth of perspectives that come from social and cultural diversity. He is driven by a strong purpose to make a positive impact in the lives of people that he comes across and to enable women in Nepal to pursue higher education. Arun holds a Master of Advanced Management [MAM] degree from the Yale School of Management, an MBA from the University of British Columbia, and a BSc. from the University of Tennessee. Currently, Arun is working towards transforming the FMCG/CPG sector in the next normal and setting up a social foundation.

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