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In this episode, Marian M.P. Temelkov, Global CEO at Dynamis Group, welcomes on the podcast Thorsten Mueller, the Head of Global Product Group Building and Home Automation Solutions at ABB.

Thorsten Mueller

Thorsten Mueller received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Duisburg-Essen. He began his professional career at the Bosch Group in the corporate sector research and advanced engineering, where he developed an innovative sensor system for new applications. Thorsten has held various management positions within the Bosch Group for around 11 years, including strategy, M&A, R&D and operations. In his last role at Bosch as CEO of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, he was responsible for strategic connectivity projects for the entire group and successfully implemented new Internet of Things (IoT) business models. This was followed by Thorsten's position as Group SVP Innovation & Innoventures at Osram, where he led the transformation from a lightbulb towards a high-tech company before he took over the leadership of the global building automation business at ABB in October 2019.

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