Lessons of Care Through Innovation and Technology

In this episode, Stoyan Yankov, c-founder and co-host of The Leaders Who Care, welcomes to the podcast Max Frazer, Engineering & Quality Engineering specialist (formerly at Apple, Vivint).

Max Frazer

Max Frazer spent almost 20 years at Apple, working in multiple organizations in a variety of roles spanning engineering and quality. Frazer worked on the first several releases of Mac OS X, and then later iOS. Frazer did briefly leave Apple after the tragic events of 9/11, working on security software for the U.S. Navy. On returning to Apple, Frazer joined the Apps Division, where he spent over a decade, working on notable products such as Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Notes, News. In this role, Frazer led multiple quality engineering and tools teams. Upon leaving the Apps Division, Frazer went to work on the Apple Online Store and the software powering the physical retail stores. During his tenure at Apple, Frazer has been passionate about the consumer experience and improving how products are created and delivered. In support of this, Frazer has created multiple tools used to ship products across a wide swathe of Apple, including iPhone, iPod, iLife, iWork, the Apple Online Store and others. Most recently, Frazer has served as the Sr. VP of Engineering and Quality Engineering for a Smart Home company.

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