Leading the GenZ by Example

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✔️ Learn about the strengths and advantages that characterize the GenZ,

✔️ Discover what actually attracts the young talent to join a company,

✔️ Find out how to accelerate your success as a (young) professional and form yourself into an inspiring leader, and much more!

Milimo Banji

Milimo (Mils) Banji is the 24-year old CEO of TapIn, a media company that is on a mission to prepare 100 million young people for the world of work. TapIn has built an active social community of over 100,000 Gen Z’s and influencers who engage with their social video content every month. They are helping employers such as EY, Capgemini, Newton Europe, and the RAF attract and engage with the best Gen Z talent. Being the eldest in his team, Mils is leading a team of Gen Z's who are quickly disrupting the ever-changing recruitment marketing space.

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