Leading a Passionate Life

In this episode with Dr. Karin Lubin – a coach, teacher, trainer, speaker, and international director of The Passion Test®:

✔️ Where does passion come from,

✔️ How to discover your top-5 passions,

✔️ The theory of thriving, surviving, and alignment,

✔️ Discovering what the organization’s passions are,

✔️ The choice of leaving a positive impact, and more!

Karin Lubin

Karin Lubin, EdD, is a coach, teacher, trainer, speaker, international director of The Passion Test®, and creator of the series, My Life Through the Seasons, A Wisdom Journal and Planner®. Karin clearly remembers the day, twenty years ago, when she decided she would stop obsessing over her thoughts and her career and decided to instead go for what felt better! That realization led her to switch careers and begin to do all that she can to help others to go deeper to be greater. When she was 8 years old and her parents were in the midst of a messy divorce, Karin discovered the power of journaling to help her work through her thoughts and emotions. Over many years of journaling, she discovered that this kind of self-reflection allowed her to get in touch with buried or ignored aspects of herself and helped her to see herself in relationship with herself, with others, and with the natural world of which we are all a part. Karin hopes that counsellors, therapists, coaches, and individuals use her Seasonal Wisdom Journals as tools to define, refine, dive in, explore, understand and build emotional intelligence and resiliency in this changing world. She encourages everyone to Go Deeper to Be Greater! Karin is also dedicated to coaching of a different sort—as a personal trainer. She channels her passion for physical health, fitness, and bodybuilding by leading online workouts three times a week.

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