Leader Academy – Empowering Young Leaders to Find a Purpose-driven Career

In this episode with Andrey Iliev – Co-Founder & CEO of the Leader Academy:

✔️ How to develop talents into actual strengths,

✔️ Supporting purpose-driven future leaders on their journey,

✔️ The role of inspiring young leaders to fall in love with knowledge,

✔️ Exchanging knowledge instead of giving an unhelpful “adult” attitude,

✔️ Understanding intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and much more!

Andrey Iliev

Andrey Iliev has a diverse educational background - 2 Bachelor's degrees - in Engineering ("Automation and Information Technology" from Technical University - Sofia), and Linguistics ("Bulgarian Philology" from Sofia University). He spent one academic year at the University de Granada, Spain, deepening his knowledge in Slavic languages and literature, and acquired 2 Master's degrees specializing in Cognitive Science & Linguistics ("Cognitive Semiotics" from Aarhus University, Denmark), and Business ("Executive MBA" in American University, Bulgaria). For the eMBA program, he was granted a scholarship for contribution to Social Entrepreneurship with the Leader Academy. Andrey's professional journey has always been as an entrepreneur. He has had various business ventures. Currently, Andrey is a Co-founder & CEO of Leader Academy (focusing on a purpose-driven career). The emphasis is on helping young people (GenZ) identify their talents & strengths, what they are good at, what their values are, what their mission is, and find a purpose-driven career accordingly - thus helping companies grow and build potent and productive teams. Andrey is a professional trainer and lecturer. His domains of interest are Social Cognition, Mental Health, Talent Acquisition & Development, Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship.

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