It All Starts with the Mindset

In this episode with German Coppola – Co-Founder and CEO of Yumiwi:

✔️ How to inspire entrepreneurial spirit into your kids,

✔️ Using a personal checklist before starting each day,

✔️ How to develop a solid self-care morning routine,

✔️ Practical tools to support your mindfulness and productivity, and more!

German Coppola

German Coppola is the CEO and co-founder of Yumiwi, an event automatization platform that is helping organizations and brands capture, clean, and integrate event data so that brands can make better decisions. As a tech entrepreneur who focuses on building people skills above all else, he has successfully created and conceptualized several successful companies which revolve around events, technology, and shared experiences. As the Founder and CEO, he works alongside marketers, designers, and technologists to make sense of the event industry by identifying unspoken users’ needs and trends. He is also a Speaker, Mentor, Course creator, and host of his YouTube Channel and Podcast where he dives deep into Productivity, Mindset, and Technology. German loves reading, music, and spending quality time with his family while teaching his three kids values and strategies of what it is to be and think like an entrepreneur.

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