How to Start Caring for Yourself

Meet Gitte Just – a professional who has more than two decades of senior experience in building organizations within NGOs, art, culture, and design. Her focus has been developing strategies, programs, and content, building community, and facilitating networks. Gitte’s experience includes serving as a Programme Director & project manager for the “European Capital of Culture” for two cities: Copenhagen (1996) and Aarhus (2017). She’s also been a board member in multiple organizations.

Gitte Just

Today, Gitte is fully committed to helping people to balance the mind and body and to create a high-performance culture in their teams. She is a founder at empowering individuals and teams to recharge their energy, creativity, and to stay healthy in a world with relentlessly rising demand. Tune in and learn more about the importance of pausing, self-reflection, and taking care of our basic needs. In this episode, you will also come across some very specific and practical tips on what to do to effectively improve our mental state so that we can be the best versions of ourselves, and support others on their journey once our own cup is filled again.

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