How to M&A with Care

In this episode with Jean-Michel Noé – Group M&A & Business Development Director at Korian:

✔️ How do mergers and acquisitions (M&A) really work,

✔️ What determines a successful M&A,

✔️ Is the M&A process the same in every industry,

✔️ What role does Leadership Due Diligence play in the M&A process,

✔️ Why involving the local experts is critical, and more!

Jean-Michel Noé

Jean-Michel Noé is an experienced professional with a focus on International M&A, European Healthcare, Corporate Development, Strategic Partnerships, and Innovation & Investment. Currently, he serves as the Group M&A and Business Development Director at Korian. Korian's M&A department has several responsibilities within the group, but is mainly focused on international development. But when it comes to M&A, “Mergers and acquisitions are a people business, before being a financial question. This is why relations with local actors through our networks in our living areas are essential. To select them, it is important to remember that an M&A strategy stems from a corporate vision. This is why Korian has implemented strategic and financial criteria that enable us to ensure value creation, and which remain central to this entire process,” Jean-Michel shares. About the company: Korian provides a range of medical and non-medical care and support services for the elderly and people with short or longer-term health issues. Korian’s services cater to a wide variety of needs and circumstances, ranging from a helping hand at home or occasional out-patient care, to temporary or permanent live-in care at specialist facilities like post-acute care or rehabilitation clinics and nursing homes. Korian has more than 900 care facilities and networks in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium. Besides, Korian is listed on Euronext Paris and employs more than 55 000 people.

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