How Neurodiversity Adds to The World

In this episode with Theo Smith – Neurodiversity Evangelist, Author, and Podcast Host:

✔️ What is neurodiversity and why it matters to recognize it,

✔️ How to best support neurodiverse people and create a win-win,

✔️ The challenges for parents, managers, and workers who face neurodiverse needs,

✔️ The far-reaching impact that addressing neurodiversity will bring, and much more!

Theo Smith

Theo Smith is a leading advocate for neurodiversity. Passionate to raise awareness of neurodiversity, Theo has founded Neurodiversity At Work LTD to advocate the importance of neurodiversity in the workplace. Recently, Theo joined forces with Dynamis Group to help take neurodiversity to the top of organisations agendas via the CEOs and their leadership teams. Formerly, Theo has been the Recruitment Manager for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, enjoying a successful career in HR and recruitment, ensuring organisations had a diverse workforce and thrived. He has also been an advisor for TapIn and host of the Talent Hacks for Scaleups podcast. Sharing his expertise on neurodiversity, Theo helps businesses to have a better understanding of neurodiversity, why it is important and what the benefits of having a neurodiverse workforce can have in business. Spreading the message that an organisation’s employees are their biggest competitive advantage, Theo shares the importance of different skills, strengths, approaches and problem-solving techniques that are evident in a diverse workforce. Known for his love of speaking, Theo is now a popular choice as a speaker for diversity and inclusion-themed events. Sharing his experience of being neurodiverse as a passionate neurodiversity evangelist, Theo has formerly spoken for the likes of Wayfair and is commended for his concepts on neurodiversity in the workplace. Covering topics such as DE&I, neurodiversity at work, neurodiversity recruitment and being ADHD, Dyslexic and Dyscalculia, Theo Smith is the perfect speaker when looking for an expert on neurodiversity.

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