From Humble Beginnings to A Caring Leader

Welcome to The Leaders Who Care episode #1 with Marian M.P. Temelkov, global CEO at Dynamis Group and Patrick Hamilton Walsh, Head of Talent at The City of Stockholm.

Patrick Hamilton Walsh

Patrick Hamilton Walsh is an Author, Adventurer, Life Coach and Phoneographer. After training as a Chartered Accountant, in 2007 he filled a backpack with what he needed, sold everything else and set out to explore the seven continents and meet as many weird and wonderful people as possible. He can be found posting on Facebook, ranting on Twitter and pretending to be cool on Instagram. When he is not studying Digital Marketing, fans of mobile phone photography may find him dishing out encouragement at his ‘Nothing but a Nokia’ page. Originally from Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland he is supposed to be living in Dublin at the moment – but he could be anywhere on the planet hanging out with the locals. Patrick likes people.

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