Creating Your Plan for Self-care and Caring for Others

What is Psychological First Aid? How to help yourself, and others, in a moment of psychological crisis? How to build up resilience to stress and establish coping strategies for stress and trauma?

In this episode, Stoyan Yakov, co-founder and co-host of The Leaders Who Care, welcomes to the podcast Don Marentette – Director of First Aid Education programs at Canadian Red Cross.

Tune in and discover:

✔️ What is Psychological First Aid, and where to access it,

✔️ Creating a workplace culture of safety and wellness,

✔️ Why your personal self-care strategy is a necessity,

✔️ What metrics to use to evaluate a caring culture,

✔️ How can we learn to ask for support in a crisis, and much more!

Don Marentette

Creating safe environments through strategic collaboration has been Don’s focus for the majority of his career. As a Paramedic and Firefighter in both the civilian and military communities for 17 years, Don Marentette has a vast degree of experience in diverse areas of expertise. Don has been employed as an Educator, facilitated various workshops including Critical Incident Stress Management, CQI programs, Suicide Awareness and multiple Emergency Medical responder programs. Over the last 10 years, Don has helped shift the Canadian Red Cross from a routine, workplace-compliant training agency into a solution provider and partner in creating safe environments. He has led the creation of a new curriculum employing case-based learning focused on individuals and populations’ mental wellness. Already in the first year of implementation, the new curriculum has been transforming health outcomes across urban and rural communities throughout Canada.

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