Becoming a Changemaker

In this episode with Sasha Bezuhanova, Founder and Chairperson of, angel investor and philanthropist:

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✔️ How to pursue your dreams in times of limitations,

✔️ Why now are the times we witness another Renaissance,

✔️ What we must learn from the younger generations entering the job market,

✔️ How collective wisdom and collaboration open doors for positive impact, and so much more!

Sasha Bezuhanova

Sasha Bezuhanova is a senior executive, angel investor and philanthropist with a 20-years executive business career in HP and a multidimensional track record of service to society. Her long list of business achievements and social development engagements throughout the years involve positioning Bulgaria as an ICT center of global significance, boosting the entrepreneurial culture and women empowerment in her home country Bulgaria and at the European level. In 2013, she left her business career and devoted herself to supporting social prosperity through innovation, education collaboration and civic engagement.

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