Hi, I’m Marian Temelkov.

I’m an entrepreneur and an advocate for caring leadership. Throughout my career, I’ve focused on one mission; making a positive impact and sharing the Care Culture among this and the next generation of inspiring leaders. 

I truly believe that leadership is an opportunity to serve those around us and make a positive impact. I’ve met and worked with leaders from every corner of the world and together, we want to keep on learning, sharing and growing on this journey towards change and a society that cares. 

 Are you with me?

Serving people and making a positive impact is a
mantra that has guided me through life.

From a young age, coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve seen the impact leaders can have on communities and how their role goes beyond growing a company. At the age of 16, when I started to question my purpose in life, I decided to leave Bulgaria and come to the UK. I was young and had no real experience; things were tough, but in my most difficult moments, God was there to help me and along the way, I was blessed to find amazing people who supported me on my journey.

Seeing such compassion inspired me and gave me a deeper sense of purpose: I decided to serve God – the Ultimate Authority in Care and the One responsible for my success – and support others, moved by the desire to pay forward what was given to me in the first place.

Some of my greatest successes come from giving back – that’s why I now spend my life supporting leaders, like you, to fulfil their vision and create good around them.

Few things I love:

God, the Greatest Carer

My beautiful Family and my incredibly talented Team

Travelling and Gymnastics

Taking care of people and inspiring the new generation

I’m now here to serve you and to share insights from inspiring leaders who can guide you throughout your own journey to Caring Leadership.

Over than 20 years ago, I started my entrepreneurial journey and in 2019 I founded the Dynamis Group – a global executive search company specialising in strategic placements, M&A, and leadership audits. I’ve also co-founded the Leader Academy to support purpose-driven future leaders and the Leaders Who Care platform, which is aimed at increasing awareness and transformation for C-Suite Executives. 

Let’s shape today the leaders of tomorrow

The future belongs to Leaders Who Care; I strongly believe in inspiring the next generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs to become who they really want to be and create a positive impact on the world of tomorrow. Together, we can work towards this future, inspire those who will follow us and share with them our wisdom, and what it means to be a caring, serving leader who makes a profound difference.

True Leadership lies in serving and creating impact, starting from the people nearest to us, in our everyday life; join me on this fulfilling journey to learn from exceptional leaders, listen to different perspectives, and explore the many ways we can create a powerful movement of Leaders who make the world a more caring place.